Goldsprints debut at Velo Cult

Goldsprints at Velo Cult-3

The first annual Velo Cult Bike Shop + Tavern Goldsprints series kicked off in Hollywood Friday night.
(Photos © J. Maus/BikePortland)

As we shared earlier this week, Velo Cult Bike Shop kicked off a goldsprints competition series Friday night. The first event in the series drew a solid crowd and some stiff competition. I wasn’t able to stick around long enough to see all the action (had to leave for a CRC project event); but I did shoot a few pictures of the scene. I also took a video of one of the races so those of you who aren’t familiar with goldsprints can see what it’s all about. What you don’t see in the video below is the graphical display of the racers’ speeds being projected on a screen as they pedal. This allows the crowd to root for their favorite competitor and get a real-time look at who’s in the lead. It’s exciting!

Goldsprints at Velo Cult-4

Goldsprints at Velo Cult-6

Goldsprints at Velo Cult-7

Goldsprints at Velo Cult-8

And here’s a little video;

The Velo Cult Goldsprints series continues every Friday through March 8th. Learn more at

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9 years ago

Looks to amaze. VeloCult/GoldSprint organizers should consider putting the graphical display behind the riders, if possible.

9 years ago
Reply to  Zed

It’s been done before, but it can be difficult to see the screen through the riders and the riders end up with a projection in their eyes. The side style actually let you know how you were doing if you were the kind of person who’d look up during a sprint.

9 years ago

Do you bring your own cleats / pedals, or are they just platforms with cages?

9 years ago
Reply to  dan

Platforms and cages.

9 years ago

Video of a “shirtless” Goldsprints heat the same night at Velo Cult.

Tomas Quinones
9 years ago

Thanks to all for attending the event. The next five weeks should be just as exciting. I’m chatting with Sky this week about a possible live band and positioning of the bikes.