bright orange KHS track frame ~2005

Year: ~2005
Brand: KHS
Model: track frame
Color:bright orange
Stolen in SE 49th St, OR 97206
Stolen From: 2011 SE 12th st, on the corner of 12th and Harrison in SE, near Ladd’s Addition
Neighborhood: SE Ladd’s Addition
Owner: Kris Regentin
Reward: $100 and a case of beer and a hug and a high five
Description: The bike is a bright orange KHS track frame with black v-wheels. The frame has dings and paint wear from locking up/general usage. The wheels have a distinctive double silver stripe on the side. Front wheel has silver spokes, rear spokes are black. Black seatpost, black seat, and black Intense locking grips on the handlebars. The handlebars are distinctive in that they are downhill bike-style riser bars that are cut very wide, as opposed to the popular narrow cut. The stem is a black traditional road riser stem. The headset is a silver polished aluminum Velo Orange headset. Cranks and front chainring are black Pake, fairly worn and used. The chain is black as well, but mostly from heavy usage. The drivetrain in general is greasy and worn out, and there are grease spots on the chainstay. The cranks have spots which show silver aluminum through the black paint due to wear from riding. Pedals are silver Shimano PD-M540 clipless pedals. The rear hub on the bike is one single 16 tooth fixed gear. The bike has no brakes. The bike also has black Planet Bike fenders, mounted with a special low clearance fender mounting kit (called the Reach Around kit from River City Bicycles). The fender mounting kit is silver, showing spots of rust. The fenders are very distinctive in that they are cut in half and mounted with the special kit. The tires on the front are Kenda Kontender 700C x 23 tires, the rear tire is a Continental 700C x 23.

Email me, or give me a call at 541-399-4868. I will be personally high-fiving the person who returns me my bike, and we’ll drink beers if that is your thing. I’m also totally willing to give someone 100 bucks for returning this thing. Unless you’re the person who stole it, in which case I’d love to give you 100 karate chops in the throat.

I have no proof of ownership or serial number, though my flatmates have seen the bike a million times and can vouch that it’s mine.
Police record with: Portland PD
Police reference#: Temporary report number T11007760
This registrant does not have proof of ownership of this bike

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