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Cycle Oregon Day 5 - Glendale to Grants Pass-11

A scene from the fifth day of Cycle Oregon 2009
(Photo © J. Maus)

It’s the weekend! True to Portland’s usual hectic end-of-summer pace, there’s a lot going on around town. Be sure to check out our events guide as you make your plans. And let us know how it goes in the comments here.

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As for us — it’s been a crazy week, and the weekend is much needed. Fortunately, Jonathan gets back to town this weekend after two weeks on the road (most recently riding Cycle Oregon — see here for all his updates).

We’ll both be at Biketobeerfest on Saturday, making sure our BikeCrafters have everything they need and running around taking photos of all the bike fun.

Lest you think things around here will ever be boring, I’ll also be getting ready to spend next week in Las Vegas, representing BikePortland and checking out the bike trade’s latest efforts to cater to the emerging transportational cycling market — and the growing advocacy work that goes along with that — at the industry’s mega annual trade show, Interbike.

We’re still seeking a bit of funding to help make the trip happen, and I’m still looking for a place to crash while there — get in touch with elly at bikeportland dot org if you’ve got a spare couch near the Strip or want to talk about sponsoring our coverage.

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14 years ago

hey elly–i just ran into the “copenhagenize.com” site, and wondered whether you guys know about it.

a quick google search showed me that you are all over that one already.

anyhow–hope you are well. the site looks great, as always

Matt Picio
14 years ago

A huge THANK YOU to the 30 or so people who showed up for the Pirate Bike Move yesterday! You were all amazing, and we managed to move nearly everything in one trip. Those of you with cargo trailers, thank you so much for bringing them, especially our two heaviest lifters, Ken (with my couch), and Adam, who moved my armoire and bookshelf, an incredible 315 pounds total weight on the trailer!

Thank you all so much, and I hope that everyone had their fill of pizza and beer!

Oh, and thank you Steph for the soup, and Emily for the vegan scones at ride start. You all rock!

Matt Picio
14 years ago

Oh, and Tom, who moved 250+ pounds – THANKS!