August 2009 site stats and top stories

Here are BikePortland’s traffic stats from the month of August, 2009. The most popular post of the month was the locally produced video entitled ‘Performance’ which, according to has garnered nearly three quarters of a million YouTube views in the three weeks since its initial publication on that site.

Following in popularity on BikePortland in August (counted by page views using Google Analytics) were three separate stories of conflict linked below.

Lastly, the annual Bridge Pedal recap with some excellent aerial photos by Jonathan and lots of positive event feedback in the reader comments rounded out the top five.

Visits – 187,808
Average visit length – 03:00
Pages viewed – 424,919
Front page stories posted – 117
Stolen Bike Listings – 85

Top Five Stories (*In terms of pageviews analyzed by Google Analytics):

1. ‘Performance’ rap music video pokes fun at roadies, fixed gear riders

2. Man charged with intentionally running down person on bike

3. Woman arrested after stop sign violation, question about ID

4. Man on a bike dragged 150 feet following traffic altercation

5. Bridge Pedal: How was it for you?

Check out our past traffic stats and top stories here.

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Nick V
Nick V
14 years ago

You guys do an excellent job. Thanks!