Report: Westside Pirate Ride

[The New Shanghai Bike-aneers Pirate Ride report was brought to you by the organizer, Bent Ryder, via the Shift list. Yarr!]

The hardy Swashbikelers.
(Photo: Bent Ryder)

Avast ye lubbers!

Well the Pirate ride is over. Not a large turnout, even my first mate had to bail due to not feeling well.

The bad points of the ride, no one brought any rum, and in spite of all the left turns, there wasn’t even any port.

The good news is that 7 of us started out in the morning, and cruising well, when our youngest decided to jump ship, due to her age, her father jumped with her.

The remaining five of us made it to the end, thaks to Richard who acted as navigator.

We did have someone at the rec center ask us if we were “swashbikelers” so we have a new word to describe us.

Thanks to all who joined us.

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