The Monday Roundup

Cold medicine DUIIs, crossing party lines, bike lanes and architecture, dying suburbs, stadium congestion, helmet cams, and love, today.

Thanks to all the readers who sent in tips about items in this week’s news roundup.

– A bill up in front of the Oregon House would add prescription or over the counter medications to the list of intoxicants under the debilitating influence of which it would be illegal to drive.

– Feel strongly about Commissioner Leonard’s push for a major league soccer stadium in Portland? Check out Chris Smith’s analysis of the project’s potential transportation impacts.

Suburbs are dying, says Time Magazine. Do we just let them go, or can they be saved through redevelopment?

– A Fox News reporter mounts a camera to his bike helmet to document the dangerous driving behavior people subject him to on his daily commute.

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– An L.A. blogger opines on why bicycling should be supported — and funded — by Democrats and Republicans alike.

– A coalition of Connecticut environment and transportation groups has called for congestion pricing as a way to meet the state’s greenhouse gas emissions goals.

– The San Francisco chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) has recognized the SF Bike Coalition a Special Achievement Award for their work “developing more livable spaces for all.”

– Last but not least, this upbeat song about what better than love, set to footage of heavy Amsterdam bike traffic, made my rainy day.

What else is out there? Leave your clips, quotes, and comments below.

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15 years ago

no matter what went on this weekend, nothing overshadows the fact that HB3008 is DEAD!!!


was determined a committee work session will NOT be held on this bill as written.
administrative costs to start the program exceed the revenue… duh.

15 years ago

Obviously it wasn’t well thought out, or even thought out at all.

15 years ago

Suburbs can be revived by creating incentives to increase density and providing complimentary services so that people can work/live/play closer to home. This will require vision and patience, however.

15 years ago

I can’t believe a FOX affiliate did a positive (and locally produced!) story on sharing the road.

Rick glos
15 years ago

The Fox news reporters blog is here if you are interested. Lots of cycling close-call videos and interesting stories in Milwaukee, WI.