Get your bike bling at BikeCraft

Bike-inspired earrings by Jim Duthie.

Do you love bikes enough to wear friction-shifter earrings?

Looking over the final vendor/artist list for BikeCraft, I’m amazed at the unexpected ways our local craftsmen and women use bike imagery and bike parts in their work.

This year, we’ve got several vendors who are putting a bikey spin on jewelry. Here’s a quick roundup of the jewelry makers you’ll see at BikeCraft IV.

Jim Duthie makes beautiful earrings and necklaces out some of the most beautiful parts of bikes (including the shifters pictured above). He has been selling his work at Last Thursday and the like for a while, but this is his debut in the bike world.

The goddess Nike, protecting
a cyclist on a medallion by
George Ramos.

George Ramos of Ciclismo Design is a woodworker who loves to restore, and ride, vintage steel bikes. According to his website, he started making silver bicyclist medallions after unsuccessfully looking for wearable art that expresses his love of cycling. The medallion pictured on the right features the goddess Nike flying protectively over a figure on a bike.

George also offers customized engraving on the backs of all of his medallions.

Justa Phillips also makes bike-centric jewelry (among other wonderful things). You might remember some of her motifs from the first-ever BikeCraft fair at the Urban Grind back in 2005. We can’t wait to see what she shows up with this year.

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Julia Garretson is another new crafter on this year’s roster. She re-uses bike tubes to make earrings, bracelets, and more. Check out one of her creations below…

Those aren’t gemstones — they’re your old bike tube.

I hope you’re planning on joining us at BikeCraft IV (and telling all your friends about it!). In addition to these fantastic artisans, we’ve got a mega prize raffle (ticket sales help support BikePortland), a full menu of tasty, organic beers from Roots Organic Brewing, and more! Here are the details:

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Paul Tay
15 years ago

Friction-shifter earrings? Oh, fo’ shure! Now all I need is some thick, oily black face paint to impersonate Mr. T. Anyone got da afro wig?

15 years ago

I’m as ‘bikey’ as just about anyone but man, some of this stuff is pushing it just a bit too far….

15 years ago

I like the subtraction flash cards.=) Mathy, bikey cool. I don’t think I’d wear them though.

15 years ago

Justa’s art is generally stunning.