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  • The O also reports that even though gas prices have dropped, people are still driving less.
  • In the wake of recent fatalities, New Haven, Connecticut has passed a Complete Streets law that will affect street design, planning, enforcement, and education (via Streetsblog).

  • Meanwhile, governor Schwarzenegger has signed a law mandating that all California cities and counties account for all road users when updating their general plans, starting in two years. (FYI: Oregon’s Bicycle Bill has required since the 1970s that certain road building projects include bicycle infrastructure, but affects only new building projects on state roads, and unlike Complete Streets laws does not take walking or transit into account.)
  • The outcome of tomorrow’s election is set to have a major effect on the future of our transportation system, city planning direction, and energy and environmental policies, so don’t forget to get out and VOTE. The folks at Streetsblog have been covering both Obama’s and McCain’s potential strategies on cars, bikes, and livable streets.
  • Oregonians, turn in your ballots by Tuesday, November 4th at 8pm. Here is a list of ballot drop sites and hours in Multnomah County.
  • The lefty blog Daily Kos posted an interesting analysis of the current state of the US auto industry, which is vying for a hefty chunk of the federal bailout cash (one attempt just got rejected). What would auto companies do with this taxpayer money? Consolidate, buy each other out, become fewer and larger. Sound familiar?
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15 years ago

This is awesome Elly! Thanks for the view locally and abroad. So, is there much discussion of more impactful complete streest legislation around Portland?

15 years ago

I like this new feature. The book, “Traffic” looks quite interesting and touches upon a topic I’ve been thinking about lately. That is, how does driving change human behavior? These thoughts are triggered when I see someone speed through a residential area or crowd a cyclist just to get a few seconds ahead in their commute. These are our neighbors, our friends and possibly ourselves. “Traffic” covers this topic and a ton of historical info.

I would not have known about this book without Elly bringing it to my attention. Thanks!

Mark Allyn
15 years ago

Ah, yes, driving.

We spend lots of money buying flashy fancy cars . . . .

And are very impatient to get OUT of them!



15 years ago

Birdwatching rides? Thanks for the info Elly.