Pedalpalooza Day 13: Rides and Reports

In case you’ve missed any of the Pedalpalooza action, check the ride reports and links to photos by browsing the posts on my Pedalpalooza 2007 Page.

Here’s what’s in store for today (schedule after the jump)…

Bike Polo, Alberta Park, 6/12/05

Try bike polo today at PSU.
(File photo)


    SW Broadway & SW College St. (PSU Tennis Courts)
    6:00pm – 8:30pm
    You know you wanna try it… Come learn to play Bike Polo! We provide the bikes, mallets, and instruction. All you need to bring is your moxie (and close-toed shoes). If you like bikes and you like fun, you’re gonna be hooked. Open to all. Beginners especially welcome. See you on the court…


    1500 NE Alberta (Alberta Co-op)
    What’s better than riding bikes on a summer evening and having a picnic afterwards? The ride will be a casual one traversing approx. 3-5 miles and end in a mystery public “park” setting. The catch is the park will be a lesser-known and/or out of the way spot. Picnic will be potluck style, so please bring food and drink to share (preferably vegetarian/vegan). We’ll also stop at a grocery store.


    5329 NE Sandy Blvd (Hollywood Bike Gallery)
    Why learn the hard way? In this clinic we provide you the basics and plenty of tips that will make you feel a seasoned cyclist in no time flat.


    1700 NE Alberta St. (The Community Cycling Center)
    7:00pm – 9:30pm
    Joining us at our Drop-In Volunteer Nights is an easy and fun way to help out the Community Cycling Center. As a group, we work on a variety of projects benefiting the organization, from cleaning, repairing and recycling bikes to transporting and organizing bikes and supplies. All volunteers are welcome. No skills are necessary. We’ll find a volunteer project that will fit your skills and interests.


    2622 SE Belmont (The Vern)
    7:00pm, Show up at 7pm and we’ll leave soon thereafterward
    A tour of the some of the seedier dive bars of the area and quite possibly some strip clubs. Rowdy cycling and beer drinking. Helmets encouraged


    se 17th & se taylor st (Colonel Summers Park)
    A guy walks into a bar with his bicycle…
    I’m sure you can do better. So show your stuff and bring roaring laughter to the crowd. Prizes for the top jokes or skits. Jokes must be bicycle related – of course


    915 SE Hawthorne (Lucky Lab)
    7:30pm, We ride to Oaks Park at 8:45
    Jam Skating, Hip Hop music, fast skating possible,beginners are welcome. Also fun to see what’s possible on skates. Lessons available. Adults only. Awesome workout.

Check back to this post for ride reports and links to photos. Click here for the official calendar.

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Founder of BikePortland (in 2005). Father of three. North Portlander. Basketball lover. Car owner and driver. If you have questions or feedback about this site or my work, feel free to contact me at @jonathan_maus on Twitter, via email at, or phone/text at 503-706-8804. Also, if you read and appreciate this site, please become a supporter.

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16 years ago

The PPP was awesome! Thanks Shaun for a great ride. Most fun I\’ve had on a bike this year.

I have photos and a ride report up on my Flickr page.

Adams Carroll (News Intern)

Bike to Skate report by Jeff Bernards:

Leader: Jeff Bernards
Date: June 19th 2007
Start time: 7:30
Duration: 4 1/2 hours
Approx. Distance: 10 miles (round trip)
Number of riders: 30 +
Synopsis of ride: Kicked a few at Lucky Lab, rode esplanade to Oaks Park, Skated for hours, rode home

High points: # of riders, after last weeks low turnout I was hoping for a higher attendance, I got it. There\’s talk of a once a month Bike to Skate, stay tuned.

Low points: None.

Would you do it again? Hell yes

If so, What would you change? Since the river is right there, along with picnic tables, the Potluck theme has alot of upside.

Adams Carroll (News Intern)

Pedal Potluck Picnic report by Kronda:

Photos HERE

A bunch of hungry and adventurous bikers met up at Alberta Coop, and armed with a bunch of delicious food and a rack mounted boom box, set out for parts unknown (except to the intrepid ride leaders). We enjoyed full lane access on Alberta before heading north on 27th. We picked up the co-leader, armed with ice and a few others.

Jeff came all the way from Caleefornicate for another round of Pedalpalooza fun and he instituted an impromptu utensil check at some street barriers.

Our crew enlarged, we continued north a while before heading east on Holman and over the 42nd Ave bridge to Cornfoot Rd–the best kept secret airport route in town.

We stopped at the golf course for a short history lesson from Michael on the development of the area\’s current industrial and recreational state.

From there we continued on Alderwood past 82nd Ave. Left onto NE Cascaded Pkwy and soon we reached our destination, Stanley \”Park\” (I use that term loosely), at which point we got another lesson on how big corporations make deals to develop protected watersheds so we can have better access to Ikea.

We then enjoyed a feast fit for kings (or hungry bikers) on top of a high voltage bunker (hey, it keeps your food warm!). Shaun made a particularly excellent batch of his famous vegan mac n cheese. There were warm greens, salads, home made spring rolls with fish sauce, cheese and crackers and even a blueberry cake! Yum.

But wait, there\’s more! After dinner, those who were in for the long haul enjoyed part two of the ride, a trip through a practically secret section of the Columbia Slough bike trail, ending at an even more secret pile of dirt that looked like BMX heaven. It was wickedly cool.

We turned back east briefly to hook up the 205 access to Marine Drive bike path and enjoyed a gorgeous return along the Columbia river while the sun set.

This was definitely the best PP event and the best PPP I\’ve been to so far. Thanks Shaun for a great ride. You can probably read a much more detailed (and accurate) report at urbanadventureleague.blogspot. com

Ian S.
Ian S.
16 years ago

PSU Bike Polo Report by Ian (aka Rookie-for-Life)

Yowza! What an absolutely awesome night of Polo!

We had 20+ brave people turn out to rock the court, most which were brand new to bike polo. We kept the rotation going and pretty soon all were feeling the fun and getting their new skills together. We saw thrills and spills, passes and goals, and no shortage of giant grins as people begrudgingly dismounted their steeds to let more polo-converts onto the court. A truly excellent night of beginner polo.

Many thanks:
To Coach Bortman for crackin\’ the whip and being the unmistakable voice of raw encouragement.

To Danielle (aka The Badger) for keepin\’ us runnin smooth, start to finish. Total Champ.

To all the brand new polo-peoples who stepped up and tried something new: you rocked the house! We want you back! Every Tuesday til the sun fades and rain returns.

To Pedalpalooza & Shift for bringing the mad bike party to every corner of Portland.

Lastly, to BikePortland for being the best damn pusher of the bike-narcotic this planet has ever seen. Keep it coming!