Links of the week: 9-22-06

Every week I come across a lot of cool bike stuff that either doesn’t quite warrant a full story, or that I just don’t have time to get to. I hope to make this a regular Friday feature.

[Water Bureau employee
Carla Ralston]
Photo: Water Bureau

— The Portland Water Bureau is feeling the bike love. They’ve just announced a new employee bike program and earlier this year they hosted two rides through their facilities; Cycle the Well Field and a ride through the Bull Run Watershed (which was so popular they turned people away!). [Thanks to Jessica Roberts for the tip.]

— In case you missed it, I interviewed U.S. Congressman Earl Blumenauer over on

— There’s a new transportation oriented blog in Portland. PDX Transit (not to be confused with Portland Transport) is devoted to “Transit, commuting, and mobility in the Portland Oregon Metropolitan vicinity.”

— In the spirit of Portland Car Free Days (which starts today!), I heard this great story on NPR yesterday about a group called Rebar based in San Franscisco. They celebrated Park(ing) day by turning downtown parking spots into temporary urban parks. Inspired? They’ve even got a “How-to” manual (links to PDF).

— Remember Trevor Wagner? He’s the 7 year-old who was critically injured by a hit-and-run driver in Vancouver. He’s made a miraculous recovery and has just been released from the hospital.

— If you haven’t check out the Portland Bike Forums in a while, you’re missing out. They’re getting more active by the day and there is some great information being shared.

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