Photo of the month: Mayor poses with CHUNK 666

Remember this photo of City Commissioner Sam Adams riding a Zoobomb bike in front of City Hall?

Well, he’s not Portland’s only pedal-friendly politician. Check out the photo below of Mayor Potter posing with CHUNK 666 in Southeast Portland.

It was taken by CHUNK’s chief chronicler, Silken.

I asked Silken for more details but in typically mysterious CHUNK fashion, he declined my request.

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16 years ago

This looks like it was taken at the Woodstock neighborhood parade in July. Mayor Potter rode in it (in a car) and so did CHUNK.

Curt Dewees
Curt Dewees
16 years ago

Before being elected Mayor, Candidate Potter did several neighborhood rides to meet and mingle with voters — on his recumbent bike. So he’s very comfortable with oddly-shaped bikes.

[And please don’t flame me if you’re a recumbent rider. By “oddly-shaped,” I just mean, “not the traditional diamond-frame.” So, relax!]