Stolen: Ritchey Outback – Recovered!

I locked it and my helmet with a fairly heavy cable to an
8-ft tall signpost in front of Pazzo’s Restaurant, 627 SW
Washington St at 1:30PM yesterday. They were gone an hour

it’s a blue Tom Richie fillet-brazed “Outback” model with cool u-brake in the rear,
a rear Blackburn rack and fenders with white mudflaps. I
since added a wicker front basket (supported by that lamp
bracket) added another lamp bracket on the fork blade and
changed to a clear water bottle. The serial number on the
bottom bracket, 70351, had the first two digits covered by
the bolted-on cable guide. It had Specialized FatBoy slicks
and was otherwise original, circa 1977.

Thanks for your work on stolen bike listings and all the
rest! I’m buying new u-locks and just using cables for the

cell: 503.806.3771

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