Boulevards and breakfast named “Best of the City”

Bikes in Portland Monthly Mag

Swanky lifestyle magazine Portland Monthly has given props to bikes in its current “Best of the City” issue.

Sneaking into the top five is none other than Shift’s Breakfast on the Bridges. This free-pastry and coffee tradition has become a hallmark of Portland’s bike friendliness and a gateway drug that leads many local bike enthusiasts into the exciting world of bike fun activism and advocacy.

And coming in at #22 are none other than Bike Boulevards. These low-traffic streets (like SE Ankeny) have been designated by city planners and engineered to be safe(r) places to ride. According to the magazine, riding on them “keeps you blissfully cognizant that bikes vastly outnumbers cars every rush hour.”

Keep your eye on Portland Monthly. The editor is a cyclist and they frequently cover bike stuff.

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16 years ago

Bravo to Timo and Ken, and the other volunteers, for BonB!

16 years ago

i looked at this and did one of theese =)