Stolen: GT MTB

At 9:45am on 7/20. My awesome old GT mountain bike was stolen from the corner of Ainsworth and Interstate last night at 7:30. It’s a 1991…serial # 9012564…black paint job with splotches of purple and maroon on it…it has a rock shock in the front…Shimano XT components…the tell-tale GT stamp on the back of the top tube behind the seat post.

Scott Wilson

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16 years ago

Scott – bummer but it’s likey to be the same guy or guys that took mine that same day from in front of our office at 6360 NE MLK Jr. Blvd. Parr Lumber caught it on video but it’s not clear enough to id anyone. The guy had a white satchel over his shoulder (for the cutter) walked up in broad daylight and cut the cable on my bike rack, then walked off camera with it.

I just posted the incident tonight so it won’t show immediately.

Good luck finding yours. I also heard someone lost one from Good Seasons on Interstate.