Stolen: Black Jamis Coda

[Submitted by courtain]

Jamis Coda Sport Stolen 7/7/06 from NE Schuyler between 16th & 17th avenue, around 9:15am. It was stolen from the gate of my daughters preschool. Unfortunately, it was unsecured (my bad), as we got to school, only to discover lock had been forgotten. I left it behind bushes for a short while as I lugged two children, two backpacks, two lunchboxes and a bike trailer into the courtyard of the school (yes, I’m trying to justify leaving it unsecured)…

It’s a black 17.5 inch frame, with silver/gray logo designs on it. It has a bottle cage and a clip/bracket for connecting a bike trailer, but little else on it. It was purchased in 2003, but is in great condition, as it is primarily used for street travel around our neighborhood. The serial number is IG2B02105. It has a ‘Comfort’ frame and 700c wheel size.

Our family bikes a lot, and can’t affort to buy a new bike right now, so any info is helpful. Thanks.

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Adams Carroll (News Intern)
16 years ago

[Posting for Keri]

I saw the man who stole my bike. I didn’t have a cell phone or proof that it was mine, so I couldn’t do anything. I confronted him, but of course, he denied it was stolen. I was able to get the following information:

White Male
5’8″ to 5’10” tall
50-55 years old
LONG straight brown/grey hair (past the middle of his back)
Goes by the name Tee or T. or Tony

I saw him on NE 28th and Burnside
My bike was stolen from NE 16th & Schuyler

PLEASE PLEASE….if you see him with this bike, call the police immediately and let me know where you saw him.

Bike Description:

Jamis Coda Comp
17.5″ frame
Black w/ silver/grey/white logo
Excellent shape