byCycle Trip Planner gets even better

Oregon Bike Tourism Summit

[Wyatt and Lauren at
the Tourism Summit.]

Wyatt Baldwin and Lauren Bondi continue to improve on their online bicycle route planning tool, the byCycle Trip Planner.

The most interesting new development is the addition of a “safer” route preference option. According to Wyatt:

“The main thing it (the “safer” option) does different from “normal” is more heavily prefer the Metro Bike There Map network (the colored streets) and especially trails.”

Other new features with the Trip Planner are a reverse directions option, a “show bookmark” link above the map that generates a link to the current result, and the ability to output a print-friendly version of your route.

Wyatt and Lauren have set up a byCycle Google Group to encourage user feedback and work with the community on the continuing development of this fantastic tool.

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