Report: Mobile Mystery Dance Party

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  • Yeah! We danced and grooved all over the city. Thanks to Captain Clash for the killer sound system and for this report from Carye Bye:

    Mobile Mystery Dance Party

    [Rockin’ Pioneer Square]

    Close to 30 of us took over the streets with a loud mobile stereo bringing the dance party to public plazas and a few (apparently) not so public plazas.

    Our dance troupe met many a happy surprised citizen and a few too many unhappy not-sharing-in-the-bike-fun security guards – but all in all we boogied, we biked and boogied, we displayed our hotpants, custom pedalpalooza underwear, sparkles, big hair dos and lots of hot pink.

    Mobile Mystery Dance Party

    [Blingin’ Bethany]

    Dan aka Captain Clasher in a silver sequined headband built a portable sound system for his trailer for the ride – so we could groove all afternoon long – in fact the ride was so successful no one wanted to quit grooving from Union Station – to Jamison Square – to the Pearl Breweries – to Pioneer Square – to the Portland Art Museum – to PSU – we rocked, we tangoed, we skanked. When it was time to end, we still followed the music, and couldn’t make it down the east esplande without jumping off our bikes and joyously dancing in the name of our bikes, just one more time.

    Mobile Mystery Dance Party Mobile Mystery Dance Party

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    el timito
    16 years ago

    Damn! Of all the PPL events I’ve missed (and there have been plenty) this is the one I regret most. Bumpin’ tunes, blingin’ bikes, smokin’ hot hotties of all genders – like I said: Damn.

    El Gato del Fuerte
    16 years ago

    Smokin’ is right! Hotties of all genders is right! Bringin’ the groove to the people is right! When’s the next one Cap’n C?