Bike Gallery does free repairs for commuters

[Photo courtesy of Bike Gallery.]

Several people have emailed me lately wanting to know more about the free bike repair being offered on some local bridges and on the Eastbank Esplanade during their morning commute.

Turns out the folks behind this are The Bike Gallery’s Barb Grover and service manager Brett Flemming. They call it “Ride-In-Repair” and have been doing it since April. I asked Barb for the lowdown:

“We’ve wanting to get out and do roadside repair in Portland for a long time. Brett’s on a mission to inflate every tire and de-squeak every chain out there. I just love being out there and meeting folks.

Of course SHIFT’s Breakfast on the Bridges beat us to the coffee and pastry serving and they showed us it could be done. We figured that there’s never too much love and started doing Ride-In-Repair in April. Brett and I have been on the Hawthorne Bridge and the Steel Bridge (on the Esplanade) each month since and plan to continue with our second Friday of the month appearance on the Esplanade (except September when we are both working out on the road with Cycle Oregon).

Downtown Service Manager, Nick Moore, liked what we were doing and decided to organize a third Thursday appearance by the downtown BG crew. He and Justin Ferry were on the Hawthorne Bridge yesterday but could show up anywhere there are commuters.

We provide free expert mechanical check-ups, minor repairs, air for tires, lube for chains, and free Peet’s coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and pastry. May I add good conversation too. I’ve really enjoyed some wonderful, fun, and informative chats with very interesting and surprisingly awake cyclists and walkers.”

Big kudos to The Bike Gallery for getting out there and wrenching just for the love of it.

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

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John Beaston
John Beaston
18 years ago

It’s not just for commuters. During the April “R-in-R” I saw Brett de-squeak, fill-up and adjust several bikes from the homeless crowd.

Big thanks to BG for the wonderful service! Now we need to help them move to a totally recyclable serving section ala B-on-B. I gotta remember to BYOC – bring your own cup.


18 years ago

What a great idea, and so nice, too! Now I’m going to spend my rides, looking around for someone to de-squeak me!

18 years ago

Maybe we all should spread the love………. at BG to show our support, and ask how we can help in the effort!

kudos to Bike Gallery

18 years ago

Cool idea! Is there a regular schedule and location for this yet, or is it more random? A regular day of week is easy to remember (like the last Friday of the month for Breakfast on the Bridges on Hawthorne and Broadway)

big bro
18 years ago

yo brett still do more for others than your own blood i see, later dan.