Stolen: Blue Magna

[Posted by “RamseNiblick”]

My bike can best be described as a blue and black magna A-frame mountain bike with no fenders, grip shifts, handlebars that protrude upwards and strongly resemble horns. The front wheel had shock absorbers. The color scheme also incorporated some yellow and a little white and I blelieve the frame said “electroshock” on it. The brakes were cantilever, the back one was a little worn down, but the front one was tighter than any brake has ever been ever. Also, the bike had a quick-release lever for the seat, and I always took the seat with me whenever I parked the bike. I still have the seat, so if someone tries to resell the thing, there will not be a seat on it, or a weird mismatching one.

The bike was parked next to the campus public health building on the PSU campus (SW 6th/5th & Hall) The bike was locked to a an upside-down U-shaped steel pole embedded in concrete designed for the express purpose of locking up bikes. There was actually a video camera mounted directly above my bike, which I figured would deter criminals. The lock was a gigantic cable-style bike lock made, I believe, by kryptonite running through the frame, front wheel, and around the steel pole, and the lock was the thickest one I could possibly find. It was like a forearm. Whoever stole this bike must have spent about a half an hour with a very sharp dremmel tool or possibly even a blowtorch to get it off. Either that or they simply figured out the combination, which I have long feared would happen.

I’ve had that bike since I was in Jr. High, and back then it only cost about $150, but I would definitely like it back.

if found, my email is thanks.

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16 years ago

“Cable locks are a surefire way to get your bike stolen in the city” is an unfortunate fact. Many U-locks and chains are just about as worthless as well. Sorry for jumping on the pile after some ass grabbed your bike, but it likely took him/her less than one minute to snap your cable no matter how thick it was.

Hopefully someone spots your bike and you get it back. Here are some links for lock info so you can make the best choice that works for you on your next lock:

Good luck.