Breakfast, blossoms and bikes

Breakfast on the Bridges March 06
Family riding on the Waterfront

[The Rickman Family]

It’s a fantastic day for cycling in Portland. I got up early to join friends on the Hawthorne Bridge for free pastries and coffee from Shift’s Breakfast on the Bridge crew. The sun welcomed cheery commuters and the conversation flowed as nicely as the hot coffee…

Saw some cool bikes too. Here’s a list of my favorites:

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After eating way too many pastries, I rolled up the Waterfront and stopped to soak up the blooming cherry blossoms. While there, I met Ericka, Rick and Amani Rickman enjoying a family ride. They were happy to let me snap a few photos of them.

I finally pulled myself away and headed home, only to be forced to stop at The Fresh Pot and snap these photos of people enjoying the sun (and the stellar bike parking!).

I leave you with this photo. Enjoy the weekend.

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Evan Manvel
16 years ago

Broadway was also lovely — thanks, Timo and crew! For the first time, I planned to not have breakfast before stopping by, so enjoyed a donut and conversation in the sun.

Jessica Roberts
16 years ago

Bummer…I bike on the Burnside, so I missed BontB!!! I’ll have to take a new route next month so as not to miss the fun.

Options guy
Options guy
16 years ago

Hawthorne, shmawthorne. O.k., we didn’t have filmmakers from New York on the Broadway, but we were graced by visits from two other Transportation Options folks – Lavinia Gordon (our Division Manager) and Dan Bower, the policy guy. We also got to wave to Tom Miller (Sam Adams’ chief of staff) and chew the fat with Roger Geller, the city Bicycle Coordinator.
It was great to have Evan stop by, and a little later Anna Scalera bolstered the BTA’s committment to breakfast as the foundation of bike activism. Y’all come on down next Last Friday and share the fun!

Scott Mizée
16 years ago

gosh I’m jealous…. I’ve been riding my bike to work over these bridges for 2 1/2 years now and I have yet to hit one of the breakfasts on the bridge(s)! I gotta get this on my calendar!