Stolen: Fisher Utopia (reward)

Posted by John Lehmkuhl

I had a 5 month old Gary Fisher Utopia stolen from my house here in Westmoreland on Jan. 20th while I was out of town and my wife was putting my 5 year old daughter to sleep. Police say it was a random robbery and they got lucky on this one. I don’t have any photos of my bike, unfortunately. It’s deep blue with Cane Creek extenders and an upgraded Specialized seat. There is a sticker on the bottom of the bike as well.

National Bike Registry: 000196590
Utopia Serial Number: CB4AS758

$500.00 cash reward for safe return of my bike.

Kind Regards,
John Lehmkuhl

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16 years ago


16 years ago

just an update as of 9/21/06. A good samaritan who had bartered for a bike frame, saw my post for stolen bike when looking for parts on Craig’s list. He contacted me and GAVE me my frame back.
Go Karma! Go bikers of Portland!