Stolen: Villiger Cabonga RX – Recovered!

RECOVERED!! See this comment for details.

[Posted by user “jasonyc”]

This is my wife’s bike that I built-up for her. She’s distraught and I WILL find it with your help. It has a black, brazed steel lug frame with white decal lettering. This unique frame is powered by a rather rare SRAM Dual Drive 3X9 drivetrain. It was pieced together with primarily Bontrager components (see included pictures). The lock was cut and the bike stolen from the racks out in front of the Ecotrust building (at NW 10th and Johnson) in the Pearl District of Portland on Jan. 24, 2006 between 5:00pm and 5:45pm.

If found or sighted (bike in whole or it’s individual components), please reach me anytime at:
Work- (971) 249-7565,
Cell- (512) 799-7433, or

I will offer a nice reward if it can be returned to us intact.

Stolen Villiger-Pictures and Details

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17 years ago

Jason, if I see it I guaruntee you’ll get it back. My only question is what kind of lock were you using? Knowing what types of locks thieves are targetting can help all of us who love our bikes. Hopefully you will hear/see something about your bike soon.

Adams Carroll (News Intern)
17 years ago

This bike has been recovered! Here’s the email I just received from Jason:

Great News! I am writing to let you know that an individual that had access to my wife’s Villiger bike was prompted to make contact with me Thursday night (1/26/06) after coming across my stolen bike posting on your website.

The 72+ hour ordeal, from the time the bike was stolen Tueday night until its recovery Friday night around 8pm, is a rather long story. I’ll spare you the details here, but you and the rest of the community can be assured that the high visibility of your stolen bike postings were critical in recovering the bike.

Chalk up another win!


17 years ago

i never though i would see a bike in this list but my friend bought it off some dude at the exact same time it became missing, i saw it and thought it a little odd. then the same night i saw the ad here, i’m glad you got it back.