Shift Bike Bulletin

Just a heads up that from now on I’ll be posting the Shift Bike Bulletin. The Bike Bulletin is the bi-monthly comprehensive listing of local bike events put together by Shift to Bikes.

Besides wanting to keep you informed, I’m posting the Bulletin because in it’s current form (on an email listserv and a web page on the Shift site) it doesn’t have its own RSS feed. Chris Smith over at Portland Transport was particularly interested in this so he can add the feed to his new bike blog aggregator site, The Portland Bike Channel. So if you already subscribe to this site you’ll get the bulletin automatically, but if you’d like to subscribe only to the Bike Bulletin feed, plug this address into your feed reader.

BTW, Shift needs a volunteer to take over the Bike Bulletin duties. If you want the inside scoop on all the bikey happenings and want to help out with this important role, contact bikebulletin[at]shifttobikes[dot]com.

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