Help “Get Lit” buy more lights


The Get Lit program organized by Jeff Bernards and Shift to Bikes has been a great success. This year they’ve given away over 500 pairs of high-quality Planet Bike lights…for free! Jeff’s innovative program has inspired a similar program by the Portland Police and the City of Portland.

Despite this success, there are still many cyclists who are very vulnerable because they’re out on the streets at night without adequate lighting. You can help put lights in the hands of the needy by donating to Jeff and “Get Lit”. Besides a small grant, Jeff relies on your donations to keep this awesome program going strong.

There are two ways to make a donation:

  • Online at
  • Snail mail – Make checks payable to “City Repair Project” and put “Get Lit” in the memo, then send to:

    Get Lit
    c/o Jeff Bernards
    2138 SE 76th
    Portland, Or. 97215
    Questions? 503-774-5659

Read more about Get Lit in this Oregonian article from back in July.

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16 years ago

I have the planet bike beamer 3 white led front light. I got it from Jeff, he hooked me up. But, My quick release handlebar mount has died.
I have gotten over the tragic loss, and am now searching for a replacement.
How great would it be if someone had one around.
The light works great. Thanks!

josh m
josh m
16 years ago

i loaned my front light to my roommate. then her bike was stolen. I have the light, but no mount.

sad days.

16 years ago

North Portland Bikeworks has mounts and will probably sell you one for dirt cheap.

Any bike shop that takes in used bikes will have a bucket of mounts.