Stolen: Gary Fisher Mamba

Last night my Gary Fisher Mamba was stolen from our porch in NE Portland. The bike was locked to our porch with a keyed, Trek cable lock woven through the wheel and frame and locked directly to the porch. Obviously someone came through the gate and up to our front door while we were sleeping last night and either picked the lock or clipped the cable. The lock was taken with the bike.

The bike is an orange Gary Fisher Mamba, purchased in 2000 with black writing. Uniqueness–the hand grips are taped with black electric tape due to previous stickiness. The bike is large framed, with Shimano Acera components, v-brakes, slightly rusty chain, slightly bent rims (it’s well used), head and tail lights.

Unfortunately and identification numbers are back in Wisconsin…so we will work on getting that information.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

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