Stolen: CHUNK bike

[Taken from the Chunk blog]

“Granddaddy has been MIA since the Chunkathalon. This photo (below) is the best that I could find that clearly shows what its distinctive frame looks like. However, it does not currently have that fork on it. It has the original Baby fork on it, seen here at the Chunkathalon (notice the smoothness up near the headtube). Granddaddy/Baby has a lot of sentimental value to CHUNK 666. If you took home after the Chunkathalon “by accident,” then please return it. No questions asked.”


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Adams Carroll (News Intern)
17 years ago
17 years ago

I saw a frame that looked a lot like the one pictured abandoned on the Springwater trail just under the Ross Island Bridge on Monday, Jan. 23.

I couldn’t stop to check it out as I was already late for work, but it was gone Tuesday morning. Don’t know if another rider picked it up or if the construction crew working nearby tossed it or what.