Freedom from Cars Declaration

Back on 4th of July weekend I asked everyone to declare independence from the automobile. I also said if anyone wanted to sign a declaration I’d put something together.

I got a few responses so here’s what I came up with.

Declaration of Independence (From Cars)

We, the undersigned, solemnly swear to strive for a better way to move around our cities, towns, and neighborhoods.

We have been held captive by automobiles for too long and we’re ready to break the shackles once and for all.

We are tired of the lies forced upon us by automakers that spend billions to try and convince us that cars are fun, sexy, and can make us happy. We know better.

We are saddened by the deaths of cyclists on dangerous roadways and we believe our local and national politicians must protect our interests with greater vigilance.

We are convinced that the joy and freedom experienced while riding a bicycle can bring about an important revolution of values that has vast potential.


This declaration will live forever as a symbol of our collective voice. It is a small but important step to reclaiming our streets, our health, our happiness, and our lives.

If you’d like to sign this declaration, please do so in the comments. You can help spread the word by linking back to it from your blog. Thank you.

It is not intended to be an anti-car manifesto. I believe cars have their place in our lives but I also believe that we’ve let them take over our lives in too many ways. We, as cyclists, need to show solidarity and begin to increase awareness and try to establish a more sensible equality on the roads.

One person has already signed and I hope more of you will consider. It doesn’t make you obligated to anything. Just read it, think about it, and pass it along to family and friends if you’d like. You’re also free to ridicule it and offer feedback. Whatever happens, happens. It felt good to put that stuff down and publish it for the world to see.

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