Spring is here…

Posted by on April 8th, 2005 at 8:51 am

My wife and daughter at the Bunny on a Bike Ride.

… and that means bike season is in full spin….just what is bike season? well, depends on who you’re asking. To a bike racer it means driving all over the state to races every weekend; to a commuter it means it’s finally warm enough to not wear tights and a bellaclava; to families it means you don’t have to wrap the kid up like an eskimo just to cruise the neighborhood.

So whatever bike season means to you, have fun!..and check out this great calendar full of fun options.

Here’s a shot of my wife and daughter getting ready for our first bike event of spring…the “Bunny on a Bike” held on Easter Sunday at Peninsula Park.

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Hard to believe it’s been only 4 years since your first post. It feels like you’ve been keeping us informed on everything bikes & Portland for a long-long time and bikeportland.org has morphed into a household item. And an addictive one to boot.

Keep up the good work!