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Development Charges approved; bike improvements get funding boost

Posted by on November 29th, 2007 at 10:00 am

Three months ago, I reported that PDOT had finalized their list of projects to be funded through the Transportation System Development Charges (TSDC) program.

This program assesses one-time fees to new development and redevelopment to help pay for transportation improvements.

Now that the list has been approved by City Council, the following projects will receive about one quarter of their funding from TSDCs.

(These are only the projects that have a bike infrastructure component, for more details and the full list of 43 projects click here.)

  • Central Eastside Bridgehead – Improve pedestrian and bicycle access to bridge approaches.
  • Burnside/Couch, East – Implements a one-way couplet design including new traffic signals, widened sidewalks, curb extensions, bike lanes on-street parking and street trees.
  • NW Flanders (Steel Bridge to Westover): Bicycle Facility – Develop a bicycle and pedestrian crossing of I-405.
  • Lombard, N (Rivergate – to T-6): Multi-modal Improvements – Widen N Lombard to include two travel lanes, a non-continuous center turn lane, medians, bike lanes, sidewalks and planting strips.
  • Lombard at Columbia Slough, N: Overcrossing – Add sidewalk and bike lanes to strengthened bridge.
  • Burgard-Lombard, N: Street Improvements – From N Terminal Park Road to N Columbia Boulevard. Widen street to include 2 12-foot travel lanes, continuous left turn lane, bike lanes and sidewalk.
  • 47th, NE (Columbia – Cornfoot): Roadway & Intersection Improvements – Widen and reconfigure intersections to better facilitate truck turning movements to the cargo area located within the airport area. Project includes sidewalk and bikeway improvements.
  • Twenties Bikeway – Design and implement a bikeway using bike boulevards and bike lanes.
  • Marine Dr, NE (6th – 33rd & Gantenbein – Vancouver Way): Bikeway (Marine Drive, 6th to 185th) – Retrofit bike lanes to existing street and complete off-street paths in missing locations.
  • Seventies Greenstreet and Bikeway, NE (Killingsworth – Clatsop) – Develop a combined pedestrian greenway and bike boulevard including crossing improvements at arterials.
  • Skyline, NW (Hwy 26 – City Limits): Bikeway – Widen existing 22′ of pavement to 32′, and add 2′ shoulders adjacent to lanes.
  • Fifties Bikeway, NE/SE (Tillamook to Woodstock) – Curb extensions, median refuges, signal modifications, and striping changes to create a north-south bicycle boulevard, along various interconnected portions of 52nd -57th streets between NE Thompson and SE Woodstock Blvd.
  • Foster Rd, SE (136th – Jenne): Multi-modal Improvements – Widen street to three lanes to provide two travel lanes, continuous turn lane, bike lanes, sidewalk, and drainage.
  • SE Barbara Welch Road – Widen existing 20′ of pavement to new 34’ roadway with travel lanes, bike lanes, curb and sidewalk.

Full project list and more details here. Also see the City’s website for more information on SDCs.

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  • GLV March 5, 2008 at 8:50 am

    How does this affect the need for the street tax? A lot of these projects are on that list as well. Also, the links are dead.

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