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Report: Grant Petersen-style Ride

Posted by on June 13th, 2007 at 6:13 pm

[This Pedalpalooza ride report is from Allan Folz.]

Name of Ride: Grant Petersen-style Ride
Photo gallery here

Synopsis of ride: A bunch of oldsters riding steel-lugged frames and sporting more wool than a Pendleton compnay picnic gathered at the Peninsula Rose Garden for a leisurely spin to a secret location.

Leader: A. Homer Hilsen

Date: 10 June 2007
Start time: 16:00
Duration: Hour and a half
Approx. Distance: 3 miles
Number of riders: 18

High points: Great gear-head talk and oggling of other cyclist’s rides.

Also, at the secret location prizes were given by the ride leader in the following catagories:
* Oldest Lugged Frame – I don’t know what it was, but it had two top-tubes which also had the convenient effect of doubing the number of lugs.
* Most broken-in Brookes saddle – some chap claimed to be riding one from 1976
* Most in need of 650B conversion – a ~50cm Waterford with 622×47 tires
* Ride Leader’s perogative – the Rivendell ex-employee who spilled all kinds of inside dirt; we’ve been sworn to secrecy though.
You’ll have to plan to come out next year.

Low points: U-turn on Columbia Hwy (leader obviously had not done his ride recon)

Would you do it again? If so, What would you change?
Yep. Would start earlier and ride further. (Apparently the very strong NWesterly wind cause the ride leader to pick a back-up location closer to the start point. Watch for a S24O to the original destination later in the summer.)

More Pedalpalooza info:

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