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Stolen: Bridgestone MB2

Posted by on July 31st, 2006 at 4:22 pm

on thursday 7/27/06, at 6:45 pm, i left my bike unlocked leaning against the glass at a Plaid Pantry at 17th & Broadway NE as I ducked inside to get a drink. i saw a guy grab my bike, and i ran out of the store and chased him but couldn’t catch him. i called the cops, and filed a report. here’s some details:

–the kid was black, maybe 17-22, big, like 190 lbs, maybe 5’8″, was wearing black shorts and a white shirt with blue sides
–he headed north and then west and then north and then west, i chased him for 6 blocks

my bike was as follows:
an old steel bridgestone MB2, navy blue with yellow geckos stencilled about on the frame. paint job was really scatched up
biggish frame, fit me & I’m 6’3″

it has big C or U style handlbars, they look like (___+___)

18 speed, bike rack with ulock in rack, with bungy cord
torn up seat, quick release seat post but with cable for theft prevention
quick release wheels, cantilever breaks

old index shifters, a bell, mount for computer but no computer, strap-toeclip pedals, no lights, fat tires
i’ll attach a picture that shows just a bit of my bike (it’s the one in front)
it is registered in california, but i don’t have the reg / serial number – i may be able to get it from the CA cops

my name is “Jasper” Jon Barber, my number is 503/890-3200,

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