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Beyond studded tires; the ultimate snow bike and bike tire chains

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Now that Portlanders have experienced a “real” winter storm (not the occasional dusting of snow we usually get), some folks are beginning to think about how to equip themselves to ride through anything.

If studded tires aren’t enough, maybe it’s time to consider the Ktrak. This morning Jack Bog reminded me of this bike, which I used to chuckle at when I’d see it at the industry trade shows…[Read more…]

Open Thread for riding conditions (12/24)

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Snow can’t stop this multi-modal commuter out in Beaverton.
(Photo by K’Tesh via the Photog. Pool)

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Open Thread for riding conditions (12/23) – Updated

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Due to bike lane conditions like these,
PBOT advises to take the lane.
(Photo © J. Maus)

Please use this post to report on riding conditions in your neighborhood.

I’m on a walk right now and several main roads have been cleared of snow. While that’s good for folks in cars, it also means the bike lanes are full of piles of snow and slush. Without much new snowfall and with cold temperatures remaining, many roads are much more slick and icy than in past days.

The Bureau of Transportation’s latest statement about the storm (released yesterday) makes no mention of bicycle travel. In a statement released on Sunday, PBOT acknowledged the bad condition of bike lanes and issued this warning:[Read more…]

Latest storm update from PBOT: “Avoid unnecessary travel”

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I’m a bit late in posting this, but here’s the Bureau of Transportation’s storm update for Monday, 12/22 (read it online here):

Released: December 22, 2008

Contact: Cheryl Kuck, 503-823-5909

Icy roads and continuing inclement weather present challenges to road crews, transit providers, and travelers
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Storm strains Transportation Bureau’s budget

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scenes from Sunday (12-21)-4

One of the worst storms in Portland
history is yet another strain on
the City budget.
(Photo © J. Maus)

Already on a downward slope due to a dwindling gas tax and lower parking revenues, and facing millions in necessary cutbacks, the Portland Bureau of Transportation is now feeling the hurt due to the severe storm that refuses to relinquish its grip.

In their daily storm conditions and report update published this morning, PBOT wrote that their annual budget includes one million dollars in “contingency for any type of emergency response”. The statement goes on to say,[Read more…]

Multnomah County declares state of emergency

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snow scenes from Monday (12-22)-7

SE Main Street on my ride
into work this morning.
(Photo © J. Maus)

Just how bad have things gotten in the Portland region?

I just got this email from Michael Pullen, the Public Information Officer with Multnomah County:

Multnomah County has issued a declaration of emergency to the state of Oregon requesting resources to assist with the response to this week’s winter storm. The declaration was approved by County Chair Ted Wheeler and signed by Sheriff Bob Skipper in his absence. [Read more…]

Open Thread for riding conditions (Monday, 12/22)

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scenes from Sunday (12-21)-1

Enjoying the carfree streets yesterday.
(Photo © J. Maus)

The snow is coming down as I write this, falling onto the existing snow and ice from yesterday.

I’m about to head out into it, from our home in North Portland to the office in the Central Eastside.

What are conditions like where you are?

Please use this post to share riding conditions in your neck of the woods…

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Press Release: City Crews Gear Up for Next Storm

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Here’s the latest from PBOT:

City and State Crews Gear Up for Next Storm System (12/19)
Contact: Cheryl Kuck, 503-823-5909

(PORTLAND, OR) – The National Weather Service is predicting another severe winter weather event for the Portland metropolitan region this weekend. City and State crews are prepared to respond.[Read more…]

Open Thread for riding conditions (12/19)

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Snow scenes-7

Dee from Magpie Messenger
Collective says the harsh weather
hasn’t slowed down his business.
(Photo © J. Maus)

From the look of things so far this morning, this might be one of most challenging commutes of the storm thus far (see latest Oregonian coverage).

We had a nice bit of snow yesterday and much of stuck around and froze overnight. As I look out my window now, more snow is falling.

We’d love to know more about the riding conditions where you live.

How are the bike lanes holding up (the St. Johns Sentinel has brought up the “pebble problems”)?

Are riding or taking the bus?

How are your studded tires doing?

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Open Thread for riding conditions (12/18)

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Snow scenes from 12-17

A snowy bike lane on
N. Rosa Parks Way.
(Photo © J. Maus)

Snow has just begun to fall across the Portland Metro area. But luckily, so far, the big freeze that was predicted for last night/this morning hasn’t happened.

Like we’ve done for the past few days, please use the comments below to share details about the riding conditions where you live.

How will you get to work today?

Thanks for your feedback.