Reader proposes solution for tricky Hayden Island bike crossing

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

This tricky intersection on Hayden Island
has one reader dreaming of solutions…
See his below.

If you’ve ever biked across the I-5 Bridge from Portland to Vancouver, you are aware of the annoyingly serpentine route you’re expected to take once the dedicated bike path ends and you’re forced to cross N. Tomahawk Island Drive (map).

Reader Dave B. (whose day job is “Transportation Design Engineer” for a private firm) is a regular I-5 bridge bike rider. Earlier this month, while biking across the crosswalk at N. Tomahawk, he got yelled at by a man driving a large SUV. “I get halfway across and have to brake to a halt as the driver of a suburban decides not to stop for me,” shared Dave via email, “Then he brakes to a halt and proceeds to berate me for not getting off my bike and walking across the crosswalk.”

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