Business booms for SoupCycle

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

Mr. SoupCycle, Jed Lazar.
(Photos courtesy Jed Lazar)

Who would have thought that in this down economy, a local business that delivers soup by bicycle would flourish?

That seems to be the case with SoupCycle. Launched back in August, the Southeast-Portland based company started by Jed Lazar now boasts 100 weekly soupscribers. Lazar is so busy he recently took out a job listing on BikePortland (for a “Bicycle Delivery Souper Hero” — get it?).

I checked in with Lazar a few days ago and he told me that, “Things are going well and the business is keeping us busy”. He also added that 100 deliveries is “nearly insane for me to deliver myself.” He makes the deliveries all over Southeast Portland (a place he calls Souplandistan) from SE Powell to I-84 and from I-405 in Northwest Portland to SE 39th.

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