A community blooms around fixed-gear freestyle riding

Ramon Antonio found a nice jump line amidst the cherry blossoms in Waterfront Park yesterday.
(Photos: J. Maus/BikePortland)
Ramon Antonio (left), Matt Reyes, and Devin Tolman.

A reunion of old friends has sparked a resurgence in Portland’s fixed-gear freestyle scene.

Matt Reyes, Ramon Antonio, and Devin Tolman first met through the San Francisco Bay Area cycling scene. Lovers of fixed-gear freestyle, a discipline that combines flatland BMX tricks with the speed and grace of fixed-gear road bikes, the trio is happily established in Portland. Now they want to connect with other riders and create a community around fixed-gear riding similar to the vibrant scene they left behind in their previous home.

I caught up with them under sunny blue skies and cherry blossoms in Waterfront Park yesterday.

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Fixed gear trick riding catches on in Portland

Fixed gear freestylers-12

Tommy Lee works on tricks under the Morrison Bridge.
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(Photos © J. Maus)

Portland’s bike scene is always taking new turns.

Allow me to introduce you to Tommy Lee, Ramon Antonio, and Clay Caldwell. These guys are part of a growing group of Portlanders that like to do tricks on their fixed-gear road bikes. I caught up with them under the Burnside Bridge on Tuesday to get to know more about their favorite pastime and snap some photos of the action.

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Urban fixed-gear scene alive and well in Portland

Fixed gear riders on the Esplanade-2.jpg

Ben Ficklin practices tricks on
the Eastbank Esplanade.
(Photos © J. Maus)

Portland’s urban fixed-gear scene is on a roll. A new fixed-gear website has been launched and two upcoming events are testament to the growing community of riders who enjoy the challenges and thrills of riding track bikes in the city.

Alex Kroman announced the debut of PDXFixed.com yesterday. He says he created the site to, “unite the different groups of fixed gear riders in Portland and give them a place to congregate, talk about bikes, and plan group rides.” Kroman says fixed-gear riding is on the rise in Portland and that, “it’s hard to pass a bike rack in this city without seeing at least one fixie locked up to it.”

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