Pay-by-card bike parking arriving this summer in Beaverton

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

[Contributor Michael Andersen is the editor of Portland Afoot, a forthcoming “10-minute newsmagazine” and wiki about low-car life in Portland, especially TriMet riders. Their launch issue comes out June 1.]

Colin Maher of TriMet.
(Photo: Michael Andersen)

Three years into a quest to go beyond bike lockers, TriMet is about to build what it hopes will be the next generation of 24-hour bike storage at the Sunset Transit Center in Beaverton.

Yesterday, TriMet bicycle planner Colin Maher told a small crowd at PBOT’s Bicycle Brown Bag discussion that, “Bike lockers are great, if you have one. And that’s the trouble.”

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