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Right-hook risk drops at Broadway and Hoyt thanks to change at US Postal Service

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Quiet truck service bays and parking lot at US Postal Service site as seen from NW Lovejoy.
(Photo: Jonathan Maus)

We’re happy to report that the right-hook risk at NW Broadway and Hoyt has significantly decreased.

“Truck traffic has been significantly reduced.”
— Shawn Uhlman, Prosper Portland

As we’ve shared on several occasions since 2013, the northwest corner of the intersection was dangerous due to two main factors: It’s at the bottom of a downhill so bicycling speeds are high and it has a high volume of right-turning trucks who use Hoyt to access the adjacent U.S. Postal Service retail store, processing and distribution site.
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Right-hook injures bike rider at NW Broadway and Hoyt. Again.

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It’s past time to do something at NW Broadway and Hoyt to defend against right-hooks.
(Photo © Jonathan Maus)

As I said in October 2013 and on and more recently on May 22nd; the intersection of NW Broadway and Hoyt is dangerous by design and if the City of Portland doesn’t do something to make it safer for vulnerable road users, I’m afraid the next post I’ll write will be about a fatality.

On May 30th, just eight days after our previous story about this intersection, I received an email from reader NH about yet another right-hook.

Here’s his version of what happened:

The bike lane was very crowded with two lines of bicycles coming down the ramp from the Broadway Bridge near the post office. A white pick-up with Oregon plates travelling next to the cyclists flipped on her right-hook blinker but seemed to be going just a bit too fast to stop and yield before turning. She tried to thread the needle between two groups of cyclists by speeding up a bit. A guy on an e-bike had to slam on his breaks to avoid getting smashed but still crashed into the bed of the truck.

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Two injury right-hook collisions in two weeks at NW Broadway and Hoyt

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Nine days apart: Same intersection, same trucking company, same type of collision, same result, same problem we’ve known about for over a decade.
(Photos via @SmplicityCycles via Twitter)

It’s disheartening to start writing a post about the need for changes at a dangerous intersection only to recall that I already wrote the story. Nearly five years ago.

Another right-hook at Broadway and Hoyt: What can we do about this intersection?,” screamed the headline in our October 2013 post.

And here we are today with the same concerns, the same problems and the same intersection.
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Another right-hook at Broadway/Hoyt: What can we do about this intersection? – UPDATED

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NW Broadway at Hoyt is a high-risk right-hook spot and it needs to be improved.
(Photo © J. Maus/BikePortland)

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