bollard debacle

Once again, bike lane bollards torn out by auto traffic on NW Lovejoy

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A man riding down NW Lovejoy
yesterday, alongside what used
to be plastic bollards.
(Photos © J. Maus/BikePortland)

It looks like PBOT will have to head back to the drawing board in their effort to create separation between bike and auto traffic on the NW Lovejoy ramp leading down from the Broadway Bridge.

About a month ago, PBOT installed 34 plastic bollards (a.k.a. wands) on the ramp in order to prevent people in cars from driving in the bike lane. (The presence of newly installed streetcar tracks is causing some people to straddle them, thus putting their vehicle into the bike lane.)[Read more…]

PBOT reinstalling bollards on Lovejoy – UPDATED

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At work on Lovejoy.
(Photos © J. Maus/BikePortland)

PBOT is giving the plastic bollards on the NW Lovejoy ramp another shot. There are 30 or short “wands” installed to keep cars out of the bike lane; unfortunately not more than a few days after they were put in, drivers managed to uproot all but four of them.

A PBOT contractor is out there as I type this re-installing the wands with what agency spokesman Dan Anderson says is a “better method” of attachment. “Our maintenance crews have some techniques for concrete that should make these harder to knock off,” he says.

Hopefull he’s right. Time will tell (see update below).

Check out more pics below…[Read more…]

Follow-up: Drivers uproot several bike lane protectors on NW Lovejoy

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Last Friday, we shared photos and a story on the new plastic bollards (a.k.a. “wands”) installed by PBOT on the NW Lovejoy Ramp leading into the Pearl District from the Broadway Bridge. According to PBOT, the bollards were installed as an “experiment” in order to “discourage people who drive from entering the bike lane.”

Well, it looks like the experiment has failed on some respects. By Saturday, several of the wands had been hit by people driving cars and were strewn about the bike lane. Upon closer inspection, it appears the wands were attached to the street only by some sort of epoxy. Below are a few more photos of the scene…
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PBOT installs bollards to protect Lovejoy ramp bike lane – Updated

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New plastic bollards help separate auto and bike traffic — and eliminate the dreaded “track straddle” on the Lovejoy ramp heading into the Pearl District.
– More photos below –

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