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How to get a curb cut on southbound Naito south of the Hawthorne Bridge overpass?

Monday, October 26th, 2015

As a “fast bike” (rolls eyes), I have primarily been riding southbound Naito for the last few years for my evening commute. I have found it less hassle than contending with strollers, dogs, tourists, and the other hazards on the Waterfront Park MUP. The unused clover leaf that connects southbound Naito to the Hawthorne Bridge eastbound works great for bikes to get on the bridge with just one caveat: there’s no curb cut on Naito.

There are two options: make a right turn on Jefferson, then use the curb cut there and double back to the ramp, or hop the curb at the foot of the ramp. I’ve been hopping the curb at the foot of the ramp — which is the most direct route — for years now and am starting to get a twinge in my elbow. Apparently hefting my pig of a commuter up over the curb every weekday is starting to take a toll.

So, who in the city should I contact to get a curb cut here? That would make the Naito commute an even more attractive alternative to the Waterfront Park MUP. [Read more…]