Job: Planners – Transportation and/or Land Use – City of Springfield

Job Title

Planners – Transportation and/or Land Use

Company / Organization

City of Springfield

Job Description

The City of Springfield is seeking multiple planners to join our team to enhance Springfield’s hometown feel while focusing on livability and environmental quality, improving our infrastructure, and fostering an environment that values diversity and inclusion. In particular, we have opportunities for senior planners (Planner III) skilled in transportation and/or land use, as well as Planner I/II options for those earlier in their planning career. We are looking for planners who enjoy serving the community, develop positive relationships with stakeholders and bring shared visions to reality. Viable candidates for senior planner positions will demonstrate success in managing projects and/or processing complex development applications within a team environment.

With the passage of the state’s rules for climate friendly and equitable communities, the City is staffing up to be able to take on this important work which includes designating climate friendly areas, shaping the City’s approach to parking management, and updating our Transportation System Plan. We also need a Senior Planner to take some comprehensive planning projects to the finish line: the Comprehensive Plan Map Clarification Project and Natural Resource Inventories & Protections for Springfield’s UGB Expansion Areas. Within the transportation realm, we are seeking someone to represent the City in regional funding and coordination discussions at the Metropolitan Planning Organization; identify, seek funding for, and plan for capital transportation projects; and expand multi-modal opportunities which includes staffing the City’s Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee. Finally, we need a senior planner to focus on current planning and to staff the Historic Commission.

Consider joining our Community Development staff team anchored by an open and inclusive environment that supports and values the contributions of forward-thinking professionals and provides interesting, meaningful, and challenging opportunities to serve our community. City Hall is located in Springfield’s dynamically evolving Downtown and the City as an organization emphasizes employee health and wellness.

Salary: $27.32 – $44.21 / Hour*
Location: Springfield, OR**
Closing: 7/31/2022

*Relocation reimbursement for actual costs up to $5,000 may be available if relocating greater than 100 miles.
**The City will consider remote work options, alternative schedules, and less than full time hours.

How to Apply

To apply and learn more, go to: