Job: Master Bicycle Tech – REI – Hillsboro

Job Title

Master Bicycle Tech

Company / Organization

REI – Hillsboro

Job Description

What’s Cool About This Job

This is a hands-on position and allows you to work on bike, ski, and snow equipment every single day. The Master Technician has primary responsibility for operating the store’s service department so as to maintain high quality and safety standards and deliver extraordinary service to customers in medium and large volume stores. To ensure your “pro-status”, within 6 months of hire you will have the opportunity to attend the Barnett Bicycle Institute to receive your REI certification. In addition to being a service savant, typical work for this position includes:

Scheduling and monitoring the production and throughput of shop work to meet customer demand
Identify and inform management of ways to improve shop workflow increasing productivity while maintaining or improving quality
Working with management to build, train, and certify a team of Technicians to carry out shop service and rental department functions.
Assisting immediate supervisor in evaluating staff needs including hiring, scheduling and evaluating staff performance
Handling risk to REI by ensuring all shop employees are trained and certified to the level of work they perform and all work meets REI and vendor quality and safety specifications.
Preserving complete and accurate shop records and maintaining record keeping systems
Completing Post Accident inspections and reports as necessary
Acting as liaison between customer, store, AHQ and vendor on resolving highest-level repair problems
Resolving actionsports equipment non-conformity and warranty issues
Researching and reporting significant quality and safety issues to Store Management and the Regulatory Compliance Manager at AHQ. Advise of alternatives or solutions before proceeding with work.
Ordering shop materials, tools, supplies, and parts.
Assembling and repairing actionsports equipment to REI and/or vendor standards
Maintaining equipment and ensuring a clean, secure and safe work environment

Bring Your Passion and Expertise

You live and breathe REI equipment. You’re a builder. You’re a trainer. You’re a safety maven. As a Master Technician your job is to train the bike shop staff, ensuring the cycling shop staff is equipped to handle REI customers’ bicycle service needs. If you like repairing equipment, handling risk and building teams of technicians to carry out service department functions then this is the role for you! Here are some skills that we look for in our Master Technicians:

Successful completion of REI (Barnett Bicycle Institute) certification within 6 months of hire
2+ previous bike and/or snowsports shop experience or equivalent including assembly, service and repair of bike and snowsports equipment
Actively participates and collaborates with others on one’s own team and across REI for the achievement of business goals
Flexible in one’s viewpoints and positions in order to support the direction taken by others at REI
Uses business knowledge, innovative thinking, and sound judgment in the solution of problems or the pursuit of business opportunities
Consolidates information from various sources including feedback from others to reach sound decisions
Considers the ultimate impact of decisions and actions on internal and external customers
Works smart by setting effective work goals, establishing priorities, and planning well in order to produce quality work
Executes effectively by using resources efficiently, meeting deadlines, and keeping others informed of work plans and progress toward goals
Clearly conveys and accurately receives information by a variety of methods and in various situations
Ability to periodically lift up to 40 pounds, with assistance

Pay starts at $23.40/hour.

How to Apply

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