Job: Assembly/Production Assistant – TerraCycle, Inc.

Job Title

Assembly/Production Assistant

Company / Organization

TerraCycle, Inc.

Job Description

Like working with your hands? Like a workplace with an unending variety of things to do? You’ve come to the right place!

We’re a small company that manufactures our own parts and accessories in-house. Our library of products is pretty extensive, which means it takes a few sets of hands to make sure everything gets put together just right.

Assembly runs are usually smaller than 200 of any given part, which means the sub-assemblies range from 30min to 90min discrete tasks. While you won’t be stuck doing the same job for 8hrs straight, we do need someone who can learn and accurately repeat different setups throughout the day. Experience with hand tools is necessary, and you’ll get bonus points if you’re comfortable using a chop saw and a manual lathe.

We need someone who can do a fair amount of self-direction and can spot inaccuracies in their own work. We need someone who can chop aluminum bar stock within a few hundredths-of-an-inch of a given length, and who can be shown various tasks, like deburring the ends of tubing or laser marking a logo, and do them accurately and repeatedly. Eventually, we’ll train you up on higher level assemblies, and expanded responsibilities like materials ordering.

We work hard to meet the growing demands of our business, so it’s important to us that we maintain a positive, inclusive work environment that brings together a diversity of perspectives and cultures, and allows and encourages each of us to thrive.

Starting wage is $16-$18 depending on experience.
Benefits include Kaiser Health and Dental, and 401k after three months of employment.

How to Apply

Send an email along with your resume to