Velocirque Custom & Vintage Bike Show February 24

Bikes are fun, bikes are cool, bikes have soul, bikes have history.

Welcome to the world of bike geekery, of fascination with frames and componentry, clever design and sublime craftsmanship, fillets and lugs, gear-inches and effective rim diameters, shiny bling and soulful patina.

Our winter celebration of bike geekery will on Saturday February 24, at the “Velocirque” weekend at Velocult. This is the fourth Velocirque; Velocult started doing these shows in 2016 and if you have even a little bit of bike geek in you, its well worth a visit.

We’ll oogle over old-school “classic and vintage” bicycles and newer “custom” bikes with old-world workmanship. 1960s Italian city bikes to 1980s racebikes, English three-speeds to kitted-out randos, from Weigle to Merz, Cinelli to Mercxx, if it is cool and full of soul – it is welcome in this DIY bike show. Bring a bike stand if you have one.

Yes, DIY. This is the people’s bike show. YOUR bike show. Bring your cool ride and show it off.

Special call for three-speeds and randonneur/touring/bikepacker bikes! Bring ’em!

Velocult, 1969 NE 42nd Avenue
Saturday February 24 – ride 10:00 am, show 3:00 pm

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Oh, and there’s beer, too.

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