Winter Weather Boost for Local Biz!

Black Wagon and friends have organized a number of small businesses (Kenton Cycle Repair!) across industries, to offer:

10% discounts on gift certificate purchases made thru January 31st, 2017

This 2016-17 Winter Weather has had a significantly negative impact on our small business community.

It is our hope that the greater Portland Community, who has always been a great lover and supporter of their small business community, enjoys the opportunity to save a little at some of their favorite businesses, while lending a huge support to Portland’s businesses and economy!

Participating businesses and more information here!

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7 years ago

good businesses don’t need to offer discounts… which is why I wasn’t surprised that many of these are places I’d already decided I never wanted to go to…

however, surprised to see a couple that I do actually like… I’ll continue giving them my full-price business…

this storm didn’t slow me down one bit… I spent money at the businesses that were smart enough to remain open…