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Purchasing Agent

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Bike Friday

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Green Gear Cycling (Bike Friday) is an internationally recognized manufacturer of high performance folding bicycles for traveling and utilitarian/commuting use. Most of our designs are the market segment benchmark product. We employ lean manufacturing techniques (Toyota Production System) to hand fabricate the bicycles here in Eugene OR. We practice open book management.

We are looking for that special someone to join our team. This purchasing agent will spend the majority of the company’s money. Bike Friday is a mass customizer that relies on purchasing the right part at the right price (just in time inventory), at the right time to meet the customer’s needs. This person will be the buyer for Bike Friday’s raw materials and bicycle components, helping us build great bikes for people to ride all over the world. The more you know already about bicycle components, the easier the position will be.

This position will start out at an hourly rate between $11-$14 depending on your level of experience. We expect/ hope that the candidate will quickly show initiative and take on additional responsibilities, we would like to pay you more than the above range. Stated another way, we would much prefer this person to grow this position and its scope and we would pay accordingly. The Operations Manager will train, support, and oversee this position.

Lastly, while it is not required, it is helpful for this candidate to have some bicycle wrenching experience. This would allow us to shift the person around a bit within the company. If purchasing is a bit slow one week, they could help boost the Service Department as needed.

Requisite Skills:
Track record for purchasing the right product, at the right time, and the right cost.
Strong critical thinking skills
Established negotiation skills
Successful relationship manager
Previous inventory experience
Attention to detail.
Comfortable with spreadsheets, computers and business systems.
Employ lean manufacturing just in time inventory management techniques
Accounting experience beneficial
Bicycle component knowledge needed

What we offer is a challenging environment with supportive co-workers who will be interested in your success. If the position becomes permanent, benefits include profit sharing, 401K , health insurance, dental, vision, covered bike parking, shower facilities, discount on bike parts, paid holidays, shop privileges and family friendly. And, you get to build yourself a personal bike on the company’s dime.

How to Apply *
If you are interested in this position, please download and application from: and then submit the completed application to

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Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

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