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Black Kona Dew 2011

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Year: 2011
Brand: Kona
Model: Dew
Size:about 17
Serial: AJ11031554
Stolen in Salem, OR 97301
Stolen From: Downtown salem in front of Venti’s and Great harvest bread. It was locked to a fixed street bench that was bolted to the ground. This was on court st and commercial.
Neighborhood: downtown salem
Owner: Scott Stolberg
Reward: $100
Description: Black Kona Dew bike, White writing, has a bell on it and a bracket for a flashlight on front and one of back for reflector. Memory foam seat cover.
Police record with: salem police
Police reference#: 11-33084
This registrant has documented proof of ownership of this bike

dark blue Trek Valencia 2010

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Year: 2010
Brand: Trek
Model: Valencia
Color:dark blue
Serial: WTU235C1077D
Stolen in Portland, OR 97220
Stolen From: Gateway Fred Meyer
Owner: Brenda Reddaway
Description: 2010 dark blue Trek Valencia 17.5″. hybrid style. back rack. fenders.
Police record with: Portland PD
Police reference#: T11006174
This registrant has documented proof of ownership of this bike

Historic news footage of “klunking” MTB pioneers

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Gary “the Fish” Fisher circa late 1970s.
(Still from CBS Evening Magazine)

Thanks to the wonders of Twitter, I just finished watching one of the most satisfying bike video clips I have ever seen.

Uploaded last month by YouTube user frenchjr25 (a self-described “TV history fanatic”), the segment — which was created to be aired on CBS Evening Magazine — recounts the sport of “Klunking” in Marin County, California and the famous “Repack” downhill races from the late 1970s. I’ve seen photos and read books of these exploits for years, but to see video footage and to hear interviews from the likes of Charlie Kelley and Gary Fisher from this long ago was a real treat.[Read more…]

New book is a ‘Survival Guide’ for bicycling in American cities

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

I got a review copy of The Urban Cyclists Survival Guide in the mail the other day. It’s a new book by Los Angeles based author James Rubin and published by Chicago-based sports book publisher Triumph Books.

I haven’t delved completely into the 250 or so pages of advice and tips; but the book’s packaging has already caught my eye due to how it makes bicycling seem like a risky and life-threatening proposition.

At the very least, the book sends mixed messages to potential riders (and buyers). On one hand, the book’s success relies on more people choosing to ride bikes. The headline of the back cover reads, “Shed Pounds and Save Money by Riding Your Bike to Work.”

However, the cover image shows a man doing a full, over-the-bars endo into the side of a car. The image echoes the tone of the title itself, with its focus on “survival.” Is that the type of words and imagery that will encourage someone to ride?[Read more…]

New mobile bike shop opens in South Waterfront near the tram

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Go By Bike shop owner Kiel Johnson (center) shakes hands with customer (and friend) Owen Walz while shop staffer Eric Phelan looks on.
(Photos © J. Maus)

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White Scott Speedster 2009

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Year: 2009
Brand: Scott
Model: Speedster
Size:56 inch
Serial: H9LZ71011
Stolen in Portland, OR 97212
Stolen From: Out of car which was parked on street in inner NE Portland on NE 41st Ave.
Neighborhood: Hollywood
Owner: Berit Gann
Description: White Scott, style is Speedster, road bike. Gold and silver font on bike. One silver spoke on back tire, the rest are black. White wrapped handle bars and white seat. Black race tires.
Police record with: Portland PD
Police reference#: PP1174988
This registrant has documented proof of ownership of this bike

Editorial: Signs of traffic culture on paths vs. roads

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011
Sign on I-205 path-1

A common sign on multi-use
paths. Why don’t we use these
on other transportation facilities
that are narrow and have users
that need to use caution around
one another?
(Photos © J. Maus)

The other day I was riding out to Southeast Portland along the I-205 multi-use path and I came across a sign I’d seen many times before.

“Bicyclists” it read, in large, all-caps font across the top, “This is a multi-use path. Reduce speed. Watch for pedestrians.” (The exact same sign is also on the Eastbank Esplanade just south of the Hawthorne Bridge overpass.)

I’ve shared thoughts about sharing paths with people on foot several times on this site in the past; but recent discussions about the safety and lack of space for bicycles and cars on rural roads put this sign into a new light. [Read more…]

green KHS Urban Soul 2009

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Year: 2009
Brand: KHS
Model: Urban Soul
Stolen in Portland, OR 97215
Stolen From: side of a house- 61st and Burnside
Neighborhood: Mt. Tabor area
Owner: zoe stansbury
Reward: 100
Description: I”m not sure what the size was but I am a woman around 5’6″ and it fit me perfectly. The date was somewhere between August 26-28th
This registrant has documented proof of ownership of this bike

Railroad tracks on NW Naito near Steel Bridge all smoothed out

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Newly replaced railroad tracks on NW Naito, just north of the Steel Bridge.
(Photo © J. Maus)

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Silver Novara Forza

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Brand: Novara
Model: Forza
Stolen in Portland, OR 97217
Stolen From: Corner of Webster and Interstate.
Neighborhood: North Portland
Owner: Shawn Campbell
Reward: $50
Description: Silver hybrid bike. Rear reflector replaced by clamp for Planet Bike SuperFlash light (light will be missing). Brake cables show signs of being recently tightened. Front reflector is white in color and attached to left side of handlebar post. Tires are worn. No kickstand. Pretty much no after market additions (ie fenders, racks, ect).
Police record with: Portland PD
Police reference#: 11-74886
This registrant has documented proof of ownership of this bike