A fine day for a bike wedding

Announcing: The Marriage of Bonnie Hildebrand & Pete Hoebel

Two Tuesdays ago, Bonnie Hildebrand and Pete Hoebel, both members of the local chapter of the Organic Athletes vegan cyclocross team, decided that their love for bikes and each other should be sealed and certified during Pedalpalooza. When the couple realized that Bonnie’s mother could not get to Portland in time for the (later canceled) Surprise Bike Wedding event, they decided to invite the world to their own ceremony on Saturday in Ladd Circle Park.

The newlyweds led the guests
to the reception via bike.
(Photo: Dan Liu)

The happy couple exchanged their vows amidst the rhododendrons and bicycles, and then proceeded to lead the whole entourage in a ride around and around Ladd Circle.

On the way to the potluck reception at Colonel Summers Park, the wedding was intercepted by the Buddhas by Bikes ride, who provided an orchestra of bells. At Colonel Summers, the reception coincided with the Stumptown Joustdown competition — which bride and groom eagerly joined.

The Groom

The groom preparing to unseat his
beloved at the jousting match.
(Photo: Greg Raisman from Flickr)

How committed is the happy couple? How about chasing a loved one halfway across the country — last summer, Bonnie was planning to ride her bike from Oregon to Iowa. When Pete realized his work would keep him from joining her, he arranged to fly out to each major city that she could reach, so that they could still share the grand bicycling adventure with each other.

Three cheers to Bonnie and Pete! All of us here at BikePortland wish you the very best, and may both your lives and your wheels stay good and true!

Thanks for reading.

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Tomas Quinones
15 years ago

More pictures of the bike wedding, following ride and reception.


15 years ago

Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU! to everyone that came, if I know you or not. We had a great time and enjoyed all the fun that everyone brought to our wedding. I couldn’t imagine having done it any other way. The bike community is our family as much as our blood relatives. And, I have a new love for bike jousting.

the "other" steph
the "other" steph
15 years ago

CONGRATS, Bonnie and Pete! Thanks for letting us share in your wedding (and jousting)

15 years ago

Awww, sweet. Beautiful dress, too, Bonnie!!

Bridget Pilloud
15 years ago

Congratulations to Bonnie and Pete on their wedding- They had a bike recessional! http://bit.ly/2ZhP7p

15 years ago

Thank you @BikePortland! RT @BikePortland New blog post: A fine day for a bike wedding http://bit.ly/aPjgG

15 years ago

A fine day for a bike wedding #fb http://bit.ly/DMqEm

Jonathan Maus
15 years ago

New blog post: A fine day for a bike wedding http://bit.ly/aPjgG