More of what’s in store for BikeCraft IV

A Queen Bee wallet.

BikeCraft IV is right around the corner and we’ve got a fantastic line-up of new and returning vendors you will not want to miss.

Since we last profiled several of this year’s confirmed BikeCraft vendors, more creative, bike loving folks have stepped up wanting to share their wares.

Here’s a sampling…

New faces:

Fir table with wheel motif by
Bren and Kris Reis.
  • Bren Reis and his girlfriend Kris are furniture makers with a passion for biking. They are just beginning to make furniture with bicycle motifs, and will be bringing a selection of their first items to preview at BikeCraft.
  • Emily Horton has a new “urban sportswear” business, M Horton. She’ll be bringing her line of recycled wool sweaters, jerseys, trousers, and skirts for cycling, musette bags, and more.
  • Jonathan Severdia has made some unique helmet covers that you’ll have to see to believe.
  • Ken Nelson will be there with his DryHigh rain chaps — an alternative he has devised to the hassle of rainpants.

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  • Julia Garretson makes jewelry out of bits of upcycled bike tires.
  • Newcomer Mike Cobb crafts well-made, beautiful and functional wind chimes out of worn out drivetrains.
  • A trio of Woodlawn neighborhood residents have ganged up under the name Wood-Craft-Lawn, and will be selling bike culture magnets and lightswitch covers, along with Best-Of DVDs from Filmed By Bike and t-shirts from the popular film fest.

Travel in style with a set of locally
made panniers by Black Star Bags.

Returning vendors:

  • Nickey Robo will be selling bike themed t-shirts, and copies of Small Movements, her film about the Sprockettes.

And one last thing — bring your quarters! With all this talk about a bike tax, impending economic doom, shortfalls at PDOT, etc…, we’ve called on some local kids who will be holding a Bake Sale for Bikeways. All proceeds will be kept securely in a coffee can to be delivered to City Hall after the event. Buy a brownie, build a bikeway!

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15 years ago

I know where I’m doing my Christmas shopping this year.

Brian Johnson
15 years ago

I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere– maybe I missed it.

I know cash is king, but do I really need to hit the ATM up for $100?

Do you know if any vendors plan on taking credit/debit/check?

15 years ago

Unfortunately Wood-Craft-Lawn will be unable to take anything other than cash, so if you want to buy the first ever Filmed by Bike t-shirt or the new Greatest Hits DVD, or any of the other very cool offerings our group will have for sale, bring those DOLLARS!

15 years ago

where do i sign up to be a vendor? does it cost anything?

Rebecca Pearcy - Queen Bee

Queen Bee will be accepting cash, checks, and credit/debit cards at the sale.

Liz Dickey-
15 years ago will also be accepting credit cards at the event.