Meet the other Scott Bricker

This story is part of my ongoing coverage of the 2008 National Bike Summit. See the rest of my coverage here.

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Scott Bricker (L) and Scott Bricker (R).
(Photos © J. Maus)

Meet Scott Bricker, the Executive Director of Bike Pittsburgh. No, that’s not a typo; that’s just a guy with the same name, same title, and working in the same field as the Portland-based Scott Bricker whom many of you know as the leader of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA).

Let me explain.

Six years ago, an enthusiastic cyclist from Pittsburgh wanted to start a non-profit to promote and encourage bicycling; so he turned to the Internet to research existing and successful bike advocacy groups that he could emulate.

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When he stumbled across the website of the BTA, he noticed someone on the staff with his same name and thought, “Now that’s someone I need to call.” And he did.

The two great Scotts hit it off right away, but their matching names and very similar positions have resulted in a fair amount of confusion over the years.

For instance, when news spread about the BTA’s Scott Bricker being named the executive director of the organization back in October, the Pittsburgh Scott Bricker said he received several emails and phone calls from friends congratulating him on the position.

They’re also both readers and posters to the same bike advocacy email list, where some folks have started calling them “Scoot” (Pittsburgh Scott) and “Brick” (Portland Scott) in order to avoid confusion.

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

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16 years ago

Having more than one Scott Bricker in the world is a good thing, I\’d say! 🙂

Matt Picio
16 years ago

So, which one is \”Scoot\” and which is \”Brick\”?

Metal Cowboy
16 years ago

I was in Pittsburgh back in November and the other Scott Bricker helped coordinate some events and sending members to my REI signing. Nice guy. I thought of it as a funny coincidence that both same name gents are into bike advocacy so deeply. Downside, they both come up in my mail program as the same person so my apologies if Scott gets some of scott\’s email. From the photo though, I\’ve surmised that these Brickers were not separated at birth.

16 years ago

pittsburgh scott is \”scoot\”, although i call him \”bricker\” :0

16 years ago

history in the making

I saw that photo being taken

wonder twin powers
form of Scott Bricker

it all happened in front of me
and I was not aware enough to appreciate it

good to meet you scott bricker
sorry we did not get to meet scott bricker

Scott H
Scott H
16 years ago

Go Scotts!