Plastics reCYCLE Ride

Event Title: Winter Plastics reCYCLE Ride

Date: Saturday, January 26, 2008

Time: The caravan leaves at Noon.

Meeting Location:

Mt. Tabor Sun Community School
5800 SE Ash St, Portland, OR 97215

Meet by the Rain Garden


Floyd Light Middle School, 10800 SE Washington (east of HWY 205) It’s not that
far away! Approximate ride duration is 20 to 30 minutes of enjoyment.

Meet at one school with trailers, panniers, racks, baskets filled with your
clean, recyclable plastic; ride to another to drop-off plastic. This is a
simple ride keeping to easy-rider bike routes. Note, there is one minor hill

Please come with your plastic pre-sorted. At the recycle site (a converted
parking lot) there will be drop-off areas for each, numbers 1-6. Having our
plastic pre-sorted equates to less time recycling and more time enjoying our
group cycle ride. Thanks!

Here is what plastics you CAN bring to reCYCLE…

+ Soft plastic bags (grocery sacks, dry cleaning)
+ Crinkly plastic bags (cereal bags)
+ Bubble wrap
+ Mylar
+ Plant containers and trays (please knock the dirt out prior to ride)
+ Plastic bottle caps
+ drink lids, straws
+ DVD’s, CDs, CD cases
+ Vinyl
+ Lawn/patio furniture
+ Pet igloos, laundry baskets, kiddy pools
+ Plastic buckets

And here is what NOT to bring:

+ NO food contaminated plastics
+ no milk jugs
+ no plastic with metal or electronics inside (please remove the springs from
spray bottle nozzles)
+ no car seats/highchairs
+ no VHS or cassette tapes
+ no PVC pipe
+ no small toys
+ no styrofoam blocks, peanuts, or food trays
+ no plastics printed “compostable” or PLA 7
+ no plastics with a neck (these are accepted curbside)

It’s always good to check what’s new as plastics markets change. This is
especially true this time as Agri-plas, Inc. now has some new equipment that
will make it easier to recycle thinner plastic. All bags can now be placed
together and they are also accepting Mylar and vinyl (still no PVC piping,

Further details + maps:

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